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'Lux' - paintings by Peter Boggs

Peter Boggs continues to explore the mysterious qualities of light through his interior and landscape paintings. “My interest is in atmospheres and tones, not the accuracy of things – more allegorical than anything illustrative or descriptive; more the idea of place so as to conjure the experience of it...”

The current paintings result from a recent visit to Europe but, rather than presenting a literal depiction, the works are inspired by memory and the idea of a place, imbuing the paintings with a dream-like quality.

Eminent art historian and critic, Professor Sasha Grishin says of the artist, "Peter Boggs is one of the finest tonal painters working in Australia today. Each work is beautifully distilled, resolved geometrically and tonally and where, within the subdued palette, there is a magical glowing inner luminosity".

Peter had held over fifty solo exhibitions in Australia and New Zealand and is represented in various collections including Parliament House and the Kedumba Drawing Collection.

Dates and times:

From 8 March 2018 to 25 March 2018

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